Which do you choose? VW or German?

Give this ad a listen 


Funny isn’t it? No? RACIST??? Alright then….. take a look at this one!



Still think that the former is racist? I don’t…

Re the VW commercial, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that Jamaicans are always happy. Actually, in my opinion, it is absolutely hilarious to hear them try to speak like us.  “Hey Julia, turn the frown, the other way around!” haha gapingly hilarious!! But, that’s beyond the point being made. This German commercial….burning our flag (“accidentally”, as a dear friend on facebook puts it) and to my amazement, trampling on the Jamaican flag….Now this is utmost disrespect!! Why dem couldnt throw wata pon it??

As Jamaicans we are not allowed to let the flag touch the ground, yet another country is burning our flag and trampling on it???? Nah man!!!

But watch this…..

Sean Johnson” momo i was at grand gala some months ago and flags littered the grounds” (A comment posted on facebook about the commercial)

I was silenced by this statement. It leads me to conclude that if as a country we can’t respect our emblems and to take it a little further, respect ourselves, then others will not respect us. It therefore makes no sense for us to all squabble then right? So maybe it begins with us…who knows….

But the point still stands. This commercial is downright disrespect.


6 thoughts on “Which do you choose? VW or German?

  1. yawdyabroad says:

    I still don’t know whether or not I Should consider this racist. To some extent I felt disrespected and dehumanized by this guy stepping on quite the flag and burning it. This is not because he “accidentally” did, but the contrary. I Think my mixed reactions are probably because it was premeditated as a commercial and not to mention,well executed? It still puzzles me. Though, all I know a lot of people probably won’t be pleased after seeing this.

  2. yawdyabroad says:

    Reblogged this on yawdyabroad and commented:
    So I saw these two commercial. They were both making fun of Jamaica and Jamaican. I honestly don’t know if they went a bit too far. What is your take?

  3. princessprep says:

    Well as an advertising student at the University of technology Jamaica, I have to say that to think that a group of persons actually sat down and decided to do this was no accident. They thought this out step by step. Also in every country it is said that to have the conutry’s flag on the ground is disrespectful. what was the committee thinking? I think they could have brought the same message across in a different way. the burning of the flag was unnecessary. i would feel this way about any flag, not just because its my country.

  4. That’s another take to it…yes it was carefully of and so it is clear that research is lacking. But isn’t it mere common sense that burning or stepping on a country’s flag and to the extreme burning it is disrespectful?

  5. aniskadee says:

    Let me just say that both these ads were well planned and carried out. however i have preference for the VW ad over the Saturn ad. Interestingly though both these ads were produced in Germany by Germany companies and both ads have been withdrawn from public. This just tells us that yes this country really like Jamaica, BUT they need to do a better job in the production of there advertisements. I got lost in both ads and lost the aim of the ad somewhere in the middle especially in the Saturn ad. I really hope that they have learned from their mistakes since both ads had been withdrawn and they will do a better job next time, where it is not racist or disrespectful. But keep promoting brand Jamaica.

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